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 Toad Town Dojo

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PostSubject: Toad Town Dojo   Toad Town Dojo Icon_minitimeTue Jun 14, 2016 1:22 am

A training hall located near the center of Toad Town. Students are able to receive instruction from The Master here and train with each other until such time The Master deems them ready to fight him. The dojo is big enough to accommodate many students all training at once, and even includes a living quarters for those students who choose to live there for a while.  

All members of the dojo carry a card indicating their level of strength and training. The newly initiated are granted a First Degree Card, indicating that they are a part of the dojo, but have only just begun their training. The Second Degree Card is earned by mastering new techniques and holding your own in several sparring matches against other card carrying students. The Third Degree Card is earned by showing exceptional understanding of The Master's teachings, for both combat and everyday life. Holding this card enables you to challenge The Master himself. The Fourth Degree Card is earned by holding your own against The Master in a one on one sparring match. Not many earn this card. The final card is the Diploma, and is only earned by defeating The Master at his best. The holder of a Diploma shows complete mastery in combat and unquestionable honor. Holders of a Diploma may also be selected to succeed The Master when necessary. To date, only one student has earned their Diploma.

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Toad Town Dojo
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