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 Lost in Memories

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PostSubject: Lost in Memories   Lost in Memories Icon_minitimeSat Jun 18, 2016 1:40 am

Lucina stares out among the shifting sands of the desert. Which way should I go? she wonders. Picking at random, she heads toward the right. She walks for two hours before she has to stop and reconsider her path. There's no shade, and no water, and no people visible. Knowing at this point it'd be two hours to get back to the canyon city, and possibly less than that to continue onward, she keeps moving.

As she does, something about the sandy sensation tickles at her lost memories. Has she walked through a desert before? Yes, she almost certainly has, and it seems like the last time she was in a desert the circumstances were far graver. Was she forgetting something important? Before her, the scene shimmers, covered over by memories of a darker time.

She jumps in fright as she sees the skeleton of an enormous Fell Dragon leap up in her field of vision. The jaw opens, and red lights appear in the eye sockets. She screams and draws her sword, Falchion brimming with its holy light....

The sword was nothing but a rapier. The mirage fades, the bones clearing as the memory is dispelled. Lucina shakes her head. No, that was just a memory. But if she wasn't at Grima's remains.... Where in Plegia was she?

Looking around for a point of reference but finding none, she trudged on, lost in thoughts. Her memory slowly filled with the names of her comrades, and anxieties over what could have become of them. She remembers her purpose - a quest of prevention, and vengeance, and here she was, trapped wandering the Plegian desert. She hopes desperately that she doesn't die, alone among the sands, her skeleton the only sign that someone had so much as attempted to save the world from Grima's clutches.

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PostSubject: Re: Lost in Memories   Lost in Memories Icon_minitimeMon Aug 01, 2016 10:05 pm

She stays in the city for a week when the first reports of the Risen come in. Apparently they've destroyed a few towns a bit up north. Lucina hasn't heard of Ylisse, or Valm, or Regna Ferox, or Plegia, despite asking around. Nobody knew of Exalt Emmeryn, or any Grimleal - certainly not Validar. Chrom, Lissa, Frederick, Maribelle, Gaius, Olivia, Libra, Tharja... none of the names she knew rang any bells. She feels like screaming. Her headache has not ended since it began.

Lucina doesn't even have her Falchion, just a rapier and a dague. She wonders if this is some alternate world hellscape, and considers surrender... and then the city is attacked.

The burial tombs torn asunder, monsters rising from the giant lake... Each time they come, more people die, and their corpses dragged away to add to the numbers of the monsters. Lucina tries to defend the city for a week. The Silver Knights arrive to drive back the Risen long enough to evacuate the locals, and the migration scene is just as bleak as in Lucina's memories.

And it happens that Lucina's skill is most certainly noticed by the people in the capital, who are managing to survive just fine on their own against the undead menace. The gates are manned by automatons - little puppets and golems and other craft that leave no corpses. Railroads have similar security, and provide excellent pathways for migration. The capital is expanding rapidly. There is no room for outward expansion, which would pass the thick walls and heavily manned gates, not to mention the heavy magical defenses. Instead, workers toil overtime to mine living quarters underground. So far, only the small villages nearby have been absorbed into the capital. The Nia'a and other nomadic peoples were turned away first from Terian, then from Montilles. Rather than attempt to brave the Fallen Forest, they pass by quickly and directly to the capital. A messenger tells them Montilles and Alezandria may follow.

Everything happens in such a blur. One moment Lucina was lost in memories, the next half reliving them. While the terror is certainly still there, this world is much more organized, more cohesive... more prepared.

Lucina still feels like tearing out her hair at how utterly impossible it is to find word of her family. The overpopulated capital is chaos, and everyone has lost loved ones. Lucina starts feeling claustrophobic - she needs out but nobody leaves the city except on official missions.

Lucina's skill, though, as demonstrated by her efforts to singlehandedly protect the desert, earns her a spot on the escort mission heading to Montilles.

This is where her journey begins.
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Lost in Memories
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