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 Remembrance of a Familial Tale

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PostSubject: Remembrance of a Familial Tale   Remembrance of a Familial Tale Icon_minitimeTue Jul 26, 2016 12:18 am


Two young knights sit on a stone wall just outside of town, overlooking the castle. The sun was setting, and they had no more pressing duties or training to attend to for the day. They were sharing a pair of ice cream cones together, as they often did on summer afternoons when they were finished training before heading home. They were both of black hair and appeared to be siblings close in age. The young man had short spiky hair and purple eyes. The woman had blue eyes and longer hair down to her shoulders (but still fairly spiky).

"Man, I thought Ulrah wasn't gonna stop today. He kept going even after knocking me onto the floor!" The man complains, staring at a partially bandaged arm.

"He seemed to be upset about something today, did you notice? I asked him if something was wrong, but he kept on saying everything was fine..." She responds, a bit of concern in her voice.

"Just a bad day, I guess. Hopefully by tomorrow he's feeling better."

"Well you gave Mira some healing practice, at least." The girl licks her cone, staring up at the sky. "I wonder if I improved my technique today..." She comments offhandedly after a brief pause. "I kept feeling like my grip on my blade slipped whenever I tried my spin, and that could be dangerous..."

"Aw, you're fine, Raggy. You prolly could've been leader of the Knights yourself with that power of yours, you know."

She blushes a bit. "I'm not so sure about that, Julius... In any case, Talia is much better suited to be a leader than I am." She takes a lick of her cone.

"You're too hard on yourself, Sis. Did Nadia steal your confidence and add it to hers?" He teases as he takes a lick of his own cone.

She giggles for a moment. "Well, she HAS been a bit worse about it recently, who knows." She jokes back. It sounded a bit mean to say, but neither meant anything by it, of course. They just teased friends, as friends often do. "Isn't there something of yours you wished she would steal? Or maybe that she stole already?" She directs her teasing at her brother now.

"W-Wha? Hey now..." He blushes a bit, apparently confirming her suspicion.

"I've seen the looks you've been giving her when she's not looking. Do you plan on telling her?"

"... Nah. Not right now, at least. I've got my hands full with too many other things to worry about that right now." He turns away.

"Hah, I'll bet that's your excuse. Well, don't worry. Not like anyone's going anywhere."

They sit and enjoy their treat quietly for a little while. Eventually, the boy looks up, his cone almost completely gone.

"Weird, those clouds came almost out of nowhere... Think it's gonna rain tonight?"

"If it is, we'd better get home soon." She gets up, hers having already been finished moments earlier, and jumps off the wall onto the ground below, her brother following shortly.

"Yeah, Mom flips out with worry if we're out in the rain for too long. We're knights directly serving the king, and she worries about if we'll catch cold..." He holds his hands up behind his head as the pair begin to walk towards the path leading home.
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Remembrance of a Familial Tale
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