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 Tuuli Tribe

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PostSubject: Tuuli Tribe   Tuuli Tribe Icon_minitimeTue Aug 23, 2016 12:14 am

A small, indigenous tribe of wind-worshipping men and women that reside in the Cruzante Canyon and surrounding areas. They believe in the wind as the prime force of nature, and center their culture around it as much as they can. Dreamcatchers, windchimes, portable windmills and the like are staples of their settlements, and wind shamans are the central authority of society.
They read and follow the air currents, moving to where the wind is gentlest, as they believe strong winds are signs of danger-And how wrong can this be, with tornados and such?
The Tuuli tribe is fairly primitive, not relying on electricity or magitek for their means, instead utilizing small windmills for mechanical force. These windfarms are usually set up as close to strong winds as possible without treading into what's deemed as dangerous territory, which can be a challenge, to say the least.
Wind shamans are a blessing for any group of Tuuli, as they often possess the power to read or influence the wind, which is incredibly useful for powering their windmills.

Soiree was the sole wind shaman of her tribe, her powers having manifested from a very young age, and her induction marked the end of a fifty-year-long lack of shamans for her tribe. Now that she has left in pursuit of knightly honor, who knows what will become of her people?


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Tuuli Tribe
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