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PostSubject: Hathor   Hathor Icon_minitimeThu Jan 12, 2017 5:04 pm

Hathor OEU9wrp

Class: Seamstress
Age: Mature
Birthday: ???
Gender: Female
Race: Dragon
Height: 5'5”
Weight: 115lbs
Hair Color: Maroon
Eye Color: Green

Hathor is a humble, content sort of person, who prefers the quiet life of a seamstress to whatever ambitions she may have been encouraged to have. She takes most things slow and tries to be meticulous in her ways, but it usually ends up just making her take too long to do simple things.
She indulges in a bit of vanity, as it isn't very hard to make nice clothes for oneself when one makes clothes for a living, and so she spends a lot of her time designing nice clothing for herself. Once upon a time she did the same for her family.

Hathor was raised as simply as she lives now, and when she set out on her own, chose to keep it that way. She met her husband by chance, like any other, but it certainly wasn't chance that led to his repeated visits to her business to chat her up and eventually marry her. She loved the man dearly, clearly enough to bear him their child, Stella. Her husband was a dutiful man, however, and served in the Drachurstian military for the last years of his life.
She raised Stella to the best of her ability, attempting to impart many years of wisdom onto her, and tried her best to involve herself in her daughter's life, but Stella turned out as a rather headstrong girl that moved much faster than her mother, and Hathor could never keep up with her. When her husband was home, it was much easier, as his presence alone seemed to mellow Stella. He was a bridge between them for the longest time, helping to keep them connected even when he was away.
She often tried to urge Stella towards her own path of weaving, but for all of her efforts, Stella resisted and refused.
When Hathor received word of his passing, she was appropriately devastated, and, burdened by shock and despair, acted too late to keep her daughter from storming out in search of reasons or answers.
Hathor would have followed her, but she had given no indication of where she had gone, and the questions she sent out in search of her were all too slow and too late. She couldn't keep up with her when she was right next to her, how could she when they were now miles apart?
And so she waited, reaching out to whomever she could to try and locate her daughter, keeping their home tidy and neat for when Stella returned, as she undoubtedly would.

Hathor has a deft hand, and is a skilled weaver.


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