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 Dark Laboratory

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PostSubject: Dark Laboratory   Dark Laboratory Icon_minitimeTue Feb 21, 2017 3:03 am

Under a dark night sky, two scientists look at a currently unconscious young woman, a mask and a sword lying near her face, through a large pane of glass. "Sir, how is test subject #3 responding? Ever since yesterday, she's been acting strangely..."

"I am aware, Hawkins. It seems... She's starting to break free from the mask's control."

"W-What? But, sir, doesn't that mean...?!"

The other man nods. "I feared a day like this would come. I had hoped she would simply lose herself to the mask's power, but it seems she was more stubborn than we thought."

"Then... If she's breaking free... Will she come after us...?"

"That seems like the logical guess. ... Have you sent our findings to our leader?"

Nod. The man continues speaking. "... Then we have acquired all we need to from this subject. Before she can wake up, we'll simply finish her."

"Huh? But-"

"Just press the button, Hawkins. We can simply retrieve the mask and start anew with a new subject once she's finished." The second man seems shaken by his words, but doesn't question his superior as he begins to push the button on the small console, and gas seeps into the room the woman lies unconscious in. "She should be dead in a matter of minutes with that gas. Then she'll-"

The man, however, is cut off as something flies through the pane of glass and out towards them. "Agh! What in the...?"

"S-Sir! The test subject! She's...!"

Another object flies towards the second man, knocking him back from the console. Slowly, the woman in the room stands up, picking up the sword and the mask without even thinking. A magical laser shoots out from somewhere, destroying the glass as she lurches her way through it.

The scientists, taken aback by her sudden awakening, try to find some way to defend themselves, but are ultimately completely unmatched, and she sends them both flying towards the walls, knocking them unconscious. Her mind was still hazy, but she knew she had to get out of here as quickly as she could. This was her chance to escape... To get back home... She leaves the unconscious scientists in the room, the gas seeping through the opening from the broken glass as the door closes behind her, only one thought on her mind right now.

"Need to... Make it... Home..."
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Dark Laboratory
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