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 The Tale of the Sages

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PostSubject: The Tale of the Sages   The Tale of the Sages Icon_minitimeTue Feb 21, 2017 4:30 am

"Daddy! Daddy! Tell me a bedtime story!"

A man sits next to his daughter, having just tucked her into bed.

"A bedtime story? Of course. But what would you like-"

"I wanna hear about the times when you were a guardian for the kingdom!"

"A guardian...? Hah, that's a bit of an overly fancy title, sweetie."

He looks down in thought. "Hm, how about this..." He looks towards her with a gentle smile.

"Now then, I'm sure I've told you before about the first recorded ruler of the land. His name was Arthur, but those close to him just called him Archie. He ruled peacefully, and the kingdom thrived prosperously under his rule... We wouldn't be here now if that weren't the case, of course. Of course, due to the large number of enemies that wanted him off the throne, his close friends, whom followed his ideals but were better at combat than at ruling, served as his knights, whom he dubbed the Azure Knight, the Scarlet Knight, and the Silver Knight. But... I'll tell you about them some other knight."

Smiling at his own unnoticed pun, he continues. "He also had a number of mages at his employ. They later came to be known as the Four Sages, wisemen who pioneered several aspects of magic as we know it. Magic you know very well by now, dear." He gently strokes her hair as she smiles back at him.

He smiles as he recalls their titles.

"The Founder of Alchemy, Cagliostro... She was a bit of a strange one. The rest of us at the castle didn't judge her habits, but the townsfolk were another story... Regardless, she served the kingdom, in spite of her somewhat egomaniacal tendencies. If she had any sort of ulterior motives, I can't say for sure. Last I heard of her, she was researching ways to preserve herself even after her natural lifespan had passed..."

He looks up at the ceiling.

"The Scholar of Knowledge, Milo... He was the bookworm type. He always had his nose buried in a book of some kind or in the middle of some kind of important research. He spent his time studying and researching the human mind, you see. He claimed it was due to what little was known about the subject at the time, but I can't help but wonder if there was another reason for it... I never quite knew what happened to him after his disappearance, but something tells me he never halted his research."

He turns to the side.

"The Savant of Symphonies, Morgana. She was probably the nicest of the four, as well as the most diverse. She learned all manner of magic in her time, such as summoning magic, incantations, charms and wards, and many others... She was also the most passionately devoted to the people, and she was always willing to help those in need. About the only thing that seemed to phase her at times was accidentally stepping on her tail."

"And finally, there's the Keeper of Time... Hm?"

He turns to his daughter, finding her sound asleep. He grins softly, leaning over to kiss her forehead. "Hah, I haven't even gotten to the actual story yet... Oh well, I suppose it'll just have to wait till another night..." He sits up from her bed, shutting the door quietly behind him as he leaves the room.
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The Tale of the Sages
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