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 Questions, Answers, and Memories

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PostSubject: Questions, Answers, and Memories   Questions, Answers, and Memories Icon_minitimeSat Jul 01, 2017 10:43 pm

Ina Zylanzi busies herself about the kitchen, making breakfast and putting a pot of tea and pot of coffee on. "Sure you don't want anything?", she once again questions the bespectacled girl at the table, who appears to be daydreaming. "Nah, just coffee." "'kay, I guess..."

"Hey, Ina?" "Yeah? "How old exactly is Yoren? He's always either dodged the question or just flat out ignored it. He says he's twenty, but when's his birthday?" "Oh... Uh... He... He doesn't like to be reminded of his birthday. From what I can remember, which isn't really a lot... Mom died on his birthday. He feels really guilty about it, I think. But it's on April twentieth." Teia blinks. Not what she expected at all.

A lot of times, when I'd wake up crying from nightmares, after Mom d-died... Yoren would come into my room with a pot of tea... It smelled like flowers, most of the time. When I drank it, it calmed me down and made me sleepy. He'd always hug me after he put the tea try on the nightstand, and promise he would protect me. Whenever he did, I'd feel some kinda tingling sensation... He always sat with me til I fell asleep. When I woke up, he was usually still sitting there, asleep, with one of his books open on his lap and his glasses a little lopsided on the end of his nose."

She blinks. "Oh! The coffee's done, I almost forgot about it! Sorry, Teia..."[/color]

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Questions, Answers, and Memories
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