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Sage Madison House IbWIoDRThe whiz kid.  The fixer.  The genius.  Heir to the House.  That's me.  The name's Sage, Sage Madison House.  I'm the adopted daughter of Robert and Koakuma House, and I've been here in Voile for about eight months now.  I'm sixteen years old, seventeen in October, and I've gained a reputation in the city as someone who works well with machines and repairs.  I didn't used to be that way so much though, I mean I was good with machines, but after the, um... event, it's like I work with machines as an art form.  I barely even need tools most of the time.  Needless to say, this is why people see me as a worthy successor to Dad and his company, RobCo.  I've already made some improvements on a few of his designs, and he's always grateful for the help.  And let me just say, it's an interesting feeling to be able to see my mother on literally every street corner in Voile, along with all sorts of buildings and an absolute mob of her inside the library with Aunt Patchouli.  And of course, I'M the one who gets mobbed by Mom at every opportunity.  But, it's nice.  She's always been good to me, and I'm always grateful to her too.

Before eight months ago, when I showed up here and repaired one of Dad's monitors without a single tool and thus got his attention, I did have a family, and a hometown.  But, well, they're gone now.  Something happened.  What it was, I can't quite say, but all I know is that a shockwave knocked me out, and when I came to, the entire town was deserted.  The buildings were still there, but my sisters and my parents and all the people were just... gone.  Without explanation.  Why I didn't suffer the same fate, I'll probably never know.  But what did happen to me was how stimulated my brain had become.  It was like I'd woken up as a genius, there was so much knowledge stuffed in there that was all new.  But I had to put that aside for now, and decide what to do next.  I mean, I may have been smarter now, but I was also alone.  So, I packed up what I could reasonably carry into a case and headed for the nearest large city, in this case Voile.

I got here without a fuss, I was just a pink-haired girl with a suitcase and glasses.  Nothing outstanding.  Until I noticed the flickering monitor along the street filled with static, and my mind just kind of jumped into gear on its own.  Without even really thinking about it, I was already elbow-deep in the inner workings, and I got it functioning fast enough to apparently attract the attention of people around me.  They seemed impressed, but not as much as the man whose face came to life on the monitor.  A brief talk later, and he invited me to his office in the Lucky 38 Casino.  Naturally I went straight there, we talked, one thing led to another, bada bing bada boom, and now I'm here, as his adopted child and heir to his legacy.  He seems pleased, I'm really happy to have found a new family, and I'm REALLY happy I can put this new, powerful brain of mine to helpful use.  Of course I miss my old life, but you know... my new life is pretty good too.

// Robin Gavin // Flandre Lamar // Patchouli Knowledge //
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