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 Princess Princess Koopa

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PostSubject: Princess Princess Koopa   Princess Princess Koopa Icon_minitimeSun Aug 20, 2017 10:04 am

Princess Princess Koopa RV8mscJPrincess Princess Koopa OOVWwDG
Princess Princess Koopa LO0jnkPGood afternoon, loyal subjects!  Your one and only Princess walks among you!  That's right, none other than the noble that's nearest to the native's hearts, the Monarch Most Magical, the Diva of Dragons, Princeeessss~ Koopa!  And that's Princess PRINCESS Koopa!  The name's Princess, and the title is too, so that's TWICE the princess power!  I'm the baby girl of Bowser and Daisy Koopa, and they gave me a name destined for success.  I'm grateful to them for it!  And I'm doing the best I can to learn these ropes to being a good ruler, just like Papa!  I got lots of power from him, and I'm WAY stronger than my charming, lovely visage would seem!  I've punched through brick walls and melted steel with fiery breath, you just ask!  Mama's the one who gave me the looks, and she did not disappoint!  Just look at me, don't you want to just hug me and serve me forever?  I would, if I weren't me!

When I'm not in rigorous ruler-preparedness training, I'm out and about, meeting all the people and learning all about my future subjects!  You can't be a good ruler if you don't have the heart of the people y'know, and I intend to do my very best for all of them!  Papa has some noble stuff of his own going on too, like meetings with the Boos for example, and I sometimes tag along with him for that.  Forging my own bonds with the people I'll be working with is essential to proper rulership, I can't just ride Papa's coattails the whole way!  I am my own leader, and my time will be just as storied and peaceful as his, just you wait!

Oh!  Also sometimes, when I'm feeling listless which does happen occasionally, I'll grab my trusty-though-not-strictly-necessary Star Blade and go on a madcap adventure throughout the kingdom!  Though when I say 'adventure', it's really just me gathering a few of my friends and going around sightseeing.  We go to the Glitz Pit a lot, I've even competed there!  The people seemed to eat up the sight of such a cute and tender-looking girl as myself holding her own on the battlefield!  I can inspire them with strength AND solidarity!  A dual-front onslaught of monarchial might!  I'm gonna do my parents and my country proud for my whole life, you just wait and see.  It's a promise!

// Robin Gavin // Flandre Lamar // Patchouli Knowledge //
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PostSubject: Re: Princess Princess Koopa   Princess Princess Koopa Icon_minitimeSun Aug 20, 2017 7:35 pm

Princess intensifies
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Princess Princess Koopa
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