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 Kingdom: Fjorheim

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PostSubject: Kingdom: Fjorheim   Kingdom: Fjorheim Icon_minitimeWed Nov 15, 2017 8:35 pm

Kingdom: Fjorheim IgjWXE1

Far to the north of Drachurst, beyond the ocean's horizon, lies a land beset by snow all year round. Many years ago, an expedition was made to this land by those who wanted to make a new life for themselves in a brand new territory. For a while things went smoothly, the settlement grew from a village into a respectable city. Eventually it had expanded enough that it couldn't be ignored by the land's original inhabitants, giants calling themselves jotuns. They were angry, believing the humans to be invaders seeking to conquer the land, but the humans pleaded for the jotuns to let them stay as many of them didn't have anywhere to go back to. Jotun leader Ymir reluctantly agreed, but warned them that he wouldn't hesitate in throwing them out if he felt they were getting too big for their britches. Much to his surprise, the humans did in fact keep to themselves and didn't expand their territory any further. Eventually the jotuns grew curious about the humans and the two people started interacting. As relations improved, Ymir gifted the humans the ability to use ice magic and helped them expand their city, which the humans named Fjorheim, home of life.

...At least that's how the stories go. Whether the jotuns truly existed has been long debated but the tale continues to be taught in schools. The people continue to celebrate Ymir's Day, a yearly holiday in the winter where people give each other gifts in honor of Ymir's generosity. The ice magic remains among nobles but it's hardly unique to them, there are plenty of frost mages worldwide. In the end, does it really matter? The Fjorheim of today is a flourishing kingdom with people from all over coming to see the spectacular snowy sights. It's also a popular destination among warriors who seek to test themselves against the harsh cold, which the Fjorheimers have grown resistant to.

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Kingdom: Fjorheim
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